SP 661 LF Harvester Head


Perfect for heavy jobs

The SP 761 LF is a strong, fast and reliable higher-performance harvester head designed for the heaviest jobs. It is designed according to SP Maskiner’s low friction principle for minimum friction and maximum productivity. The SP 761 LF can be installed on both large, wheel-based harvesters as well as on excavators in the 20-25 tonne range.

The SP 761 LF has a very well protected, heavy-duty design. The high tensile force and the proportional angling of the feed rollers produce more carrying force the larger the trunk being processed, enabling the 761 to deliver impressive performance in the heaviest final felling operations.

Despite its enormous capacity, the harvester head can also handle medium final felling thanks to its compact design and rapid feed delivering the highest productivity. The SP 761 LF is strong, productive and reliable when it comes to final felling. The SP 761 LF reaches top performance with trunks with a diameter of 25-50 cm dbh, but thanks to the LF principle it is also capable of working efficiently with larger trunks.