SP 561 LF Harvester Head


A versatile harvester head

The SP 561 LF is a high-performance all-round head designed according to SP Maskiner’s low friction principle for minimum friction and maximum productivity. The SP 561 LF is designed for varying work duties, offering very good characteristics all the way from first thinning to medium final felling.

The compact measurements in combination with perfect delimbing down to 30 mm mean that first thinning can be performed quickly and efficiently with maximum quality. In final felling, the smart, patented LogHold and proportionally angled feed rollers turn the SP 561 LF into a harvester head with impressive trunk handling and unrivalled productivity.

The SP 561 LF is compact, broad and versatile. The SP 561 LF reaches top performance with trunks with a diameter of 15-35 cm dbh, but thanks to the LF principle it is also capable of working efficiently with larger trunks.