Rottne F20D Forwarder


The Rottne F20D is a sturdy forwarder with a 20 ton load capacity making it ideal for transporting long distances. The balanced bogie, with large wide wheels, provide excellent flotation and smooth and gentle travel.

The Rottne F20D has two options for the loader bunks, Wide Load or Wide Load XL. The Wide Load option involves an adjustable load area with mechanically width adjustable load bunks and hydraulically width adjustable gate. Wide Load XL has a variable load area with hydraulic stakes and hydraulically width adjustable gate. Both Wide Load and Wide Load XL provide a better balance of the load as the weight is distributed across the width rather than in height. Wide Load XL also provides a smoother, faster and easier handling during both loading and unloading.

The Rottne F20D – the largest forwarder for efficient transport!

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